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The Main reason to renovate your current home

Deciding whether to renovate your current home or to purchase or build another house is an extremely important and complex decision that will impact your financial position long term. Then there's the task of finding a builder that can help you navigate the project from initiation to completion. Here are two reasons why a renovation with exceptional builders in Penrith Jakanda could be a viable option.


Firstly, it's understandable for a move to be expensive, but the costs of moving can stack up and place extra pressure on your family's income for the medium to long term.

Here are some examples:
Additional storage costs
Solicitor costs
Inspection costs
Real estate agent costs
Mortgage payments and changes to your mortgage
Government taxes

Accommodation costs.

After all the stress of moving you will need a holiday, unfortunately you probably won't be able to afford one for at least five years. So working with the best builders in Penrith can help you design and change your house instead of moving. If you have an idea for your project, share it with Jakanda and they will be happy to provide you with a quote.

  • By: jkda
  • Oct 28, 2018


Buying a home Sam built

Sam is the person that built the house you are considering in buying. He didn't have to take into account your growing family's needs so that's why the kitchen Sam built has two seats around the breakfast bar, you currently have four and you end up standing up and eating your breaky most of the time.

Working with a team of professional builders in Penrith means you can tap into your current homes true potential and can sit down and eat your breakfast. So for these reasons the team from Jakanda can help you find your homes true uncapped potential and avoid some of the major inconvenience that can be caused by moving or building a new house.

Since Jakanda commencement, they have constructed hundreds of projects, specialising in first floor additions, ground floor extensions and custom designed new homes and can proudly say that around 70% of their work is repeat customers and referral work.

  • By: jkda
  • Oct 28, 2018