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1st Floor Addition - Jakanda

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1st Floor Addition

Presenting Jakanda’s grand first-floor addition, a blend of style, comfort, and innovation, right in the heart of Glenmore Park. Discover the harmony of three generously-sized bedrooms, a cosy lounge room, a chic bathroom, a convenient walk-in linen closet, and a cleverly incorporated downstairs wood heater flue in this remarkable home expansion. This transformation encapsulates Jakanda’s commitment to delivering sophisticated and sustainable designs that surpass expectations.


With this splendid addition, you get the opportunity to experience elevated living in a space that exudes elegance and sophistication.

  • Superior design offers great flexibility and adaptability
  • Catering to your evolving needs
  • Enhanced thermal comfort provided by the cleverly incorporated wood heater flue
  • Energy efficiency is boosted, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle
  • Capturing the essence of modern living while maintaining the comfort of home
  • Enhanced Privacy: A 1st floor addition can provide an increased level of privacy for homeowners

Embracing Superior Design

Embracing the master craftsmanship of a Jakanda first-floor addition translates into a life enriched by beauty, functionality, and tranquility. Each day unfolds in spacious and aesthetically pleasing surroundings that resonate with the essence of superior design.

Elevated Lifestyle: Living in the Comfort of a Jakanda First-Floor Addition

Living in a Jakanda first-floor addition means elevating your lifestyle to a whole new level of opulence and comfort. The transformative addition seamlessly blends into your existing home, creating a harmonious and well-integrated space that reflects both your taste and Jakanda’s commitment to excellence.

Project Information

The three beautiful bedrooms offer sanctuaries for relaxation and rest, while the lounge room becomes the heart of your home, a place where memories are made and laughter echoes. The sophisticated bathroom and practical walk-in linen closet bring a new level of convenience, transforming daily routines into an effortless experience.

  • Location:Glenmore Park
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