A ground floor extension by Jakanda is an important home improvement project that you can consider when looking at extending an existing living space outwards to a vacant area of your property. It can allow you to design and build a creative space that can be opened up to the beautiful outdoors and can be used as a comfortable living space. It can become a potential home improvement project if you have limited bedrooms in the house as you can build an additional bedroom and added bathrooms for your growing children.

A good remodel project for home:

You can consult with the professionals at Jakanda in order to transform your living space to a larger modern one. If your home seems a little cramped or you want to give it a luxurious touch then adding more space to the existing property is a good idea.

The preferable solution for older individuals:

If you have older parents with mobility issues, as a caring family member you can invest in a ground floor extension to facilitate them for staying in a comfortable environment. It will provide them with a separate space to live and also retain their independence. Jakanda can design and build a bedroom and living space that suits their essential requirements to provide them with a convenient, peaceful, and comfortable space. Adding more space to your home will undoubtedly facilitate them as they do not have to struggle with going upstairs and they can move easily in and out of the desired rooms.

You can design and build a spacious kitchen:

A kitchen is the heart of every home but most older kitchens have a smaller space without much storage. Jakanda will build you a larger modern kitchen to improve the market value of your home and of course to add more appeal to your home interior. How about that wine cellar you have always dreamt of?

Extend upwards:

A first floor addition will create more space in your home where you can easily cater your living needs for a growing family without having to purchase a new home and move all your much loved furniture around.

Home Addition: The Road Towards The House Of Your Dreams

Is your family expanding and you realise you don’t have enough rooms to fit everyone? Or do you just want a bigger home? If yes then you might be thinking of moving into the newer one. But there is a much better way which will make you think again. The solution to this dilemma is a home addition. You can increase the value of your current home while saving time, effort and money in the whole process. Due to this reason, people living in Australia are opting for first floor home additions by Jakanda.

Benefits of having a home addition built by Jakanda:

More space: One of the first wishes all homeowners have when they are updating their home is to have more space. A home addition can greatly add to your usable square footage, whether there is an addition of a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or family room. Sometimes, a very small addition to the house can yield big results.

Rent it out: If you choose to build a couple of bedrooms and bathrooms or a whole first floor home addition then you could rent it out and gain an income. Most people living in the suburbs take this route as they can gain extra income without any hassle.

Cheaper than moving out: It is a fairly obvious fact that a home addition is cheaper than moving out. Furthermore, moving comes with the huge hassle of packing, hiring movers reorganising and most importantly getting the right location. Moreover, for a middle-class person it is quite difficult to move out as most of the time the newer home costs more than the previous one.

Add value to the home: whenever you’re looking at buying a new home you will notice that the one with more space and room will be costlier than the smaller one. The same thing applies for home addition; if you increase your interior space it is obvious that when you will sell it you gain a higher profit from your home.